Therapist’s Roadmap to Calming Co-parents

Working with high conflict co-parents is challenging for even the most experienced therapist.

Co-parents who are at war with one another, are involved in on-going legal battles, or who simply have deep distrust in one another can create ethical landmines and dilemmas for therapists who work with them or their children.

Some behaviors you might experience with one or both of the high conflict co-parents include:

  • Trying to get you to side with them and be against the other parent
  • Attempting to use your therapy as a weapon against the other co-parent in court
  • Pulling you into their conflicts about their children or with each other
  • Accusing you of siding with the other parent
  • Secretly recording your sessions with them or your phone calls to use in court
  • Sending you long emails or leave long voicemails complaining about the other
  • Trying to use you as their sounding board or place to vent their frustration and
    anger with the other parent

This online course is designed to give you effective tips and strategies to successfully work with high conflict co-parents. We’ll cover successful ways to set boundaries with co-parents; protections you can set up through your policies; strategies for decreasing their conflicts with you; and tools to reduce their conflicts with each other and improve positive co-parenting.

In addition to the online modules, the course includes done-for-you policy documents that you can customize for your own practice and materials and handouts that you can use in your practice with high conflict co-parents.