Testifying in Court

It can be a bit frightening and very stressful as a therapist to receive a subpoena to testify. I know, I’ve been there and felt that. You wonder what steps you should take, what you must do and what you should not do, and you have lots of questions about the whole legal process and going to court but not many answers.

You might have even posted on Facebook asking other therapists about what to do, or tried to Google it, and found conflicting answers.

As a Licensed Therapist, Certified Mediator for Superior Court, court-appointed Parenting Coordinator, and an Expert Witness, I use my knowledge and skills in 1:1 coaching to help you successfully navigate through the legal process as a therapist, whether you’re about to receive a subpoena or you’re already at the point of testifying in court.

Wherever you are in the process, I provide compassionate, supportive, expert guidance during this stressful time, to help you move from anxious and uncertain to prepared, empowered, and confident.