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Who We Are and What We Do

Resolution Academy is the online training and coaching element of Reaching Resolution, PLLC, a counseling and coaching practice located in Charlotte, NC. Reaching Resolution is known throughout the region for our highly trained and certified therapists who have over 20 years of experience and one primary focus…helping clients find resolution to the stresses and problems in their lives. We offer caring, solution-focused support based on cutting edge science to help people get back to living the fulfilling life they deserve.

Online Courses

Our online courses are our newest and very popular form of assistance for our clients. Our courses provide video-based instruction that are supplemented with downloadable materials that help guide you in putting what you are learning into practice. All courses include tip sheets, practical worksheets, step-by-step guides that walk you through hands-on learning activities, checklists, and more: these are not busywork, but helpful activities and resources that enhance the video instruction and give you printable resources that you can turn to time and time again.


In Resolution Academy’s coaching program, you will be personally guided through deeply supportive, individualized mentoring that helps you stop stressing and start succeeding in overcoming your challenges and obstacles, leaving you empowered and moving forward on the other side.

Regardless of the coaching program you select, you will receive personalized, caring attention and easy access to your coach, who will give you the tools you need to succeed, whether that is in the form of tips and resources, mock practice sessions, done-for-you materials, or something else. You will know that you are not alone as you navigate new ventures, and can tackle challenges with more calm and control.

Why We Do What We Do

At Resolution Academy, we recognize that in today’s world people lead busier lives and are more mobile than ever before. Our online courses and distance coaching help us meet the need for on-demand and convenient access to assistance that helps people manage stresses and problems in their personal and professional lives. Our purpose is to help as many people as we can to stop stressing about the challenges they face and to start solving them, so they can getting back to living life to its fullest.

Why Try an Online Course?

Our online courses offer you greater control over you own learning because it allows you the flexibility to view the course information when it is convenient for you. Since you pick the time to watch the course lessons, you can do so when you don’t have distractions or scheduling conflicts, helping you give the information your full attention so that you remember more of it. You also can work through the downloadable activities and materials as your own pace, so you can have as much time as you need to absorb what you are learning. You keep your access to the videos, so you will be able to watch them over again, as many times as you would like. In a traditional face-to-face format, you only hear the information told to you one time, and research shows we only remember about 30-40% of what we hear. What’s more, research also shows that within one hour of hearing something, most people forget about 50% of what they were told, and within 24 hours they forget about 70% of it. So our online course helps you retain the information because you can rewatch the videos whenever you want.

Tracy Masiello

Founder of Resolution Academy

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